Change is an important part of life or else your life would become stale and boring. Modernization is a change towards betterment or according to Wikipedia, it is an evolutionary transition from a “pre-mordern” or traditional to modern or updated way of living. Thus, it is important to modernize (upgrade and update) yourself with the latest and same goes for your content management system, that you have been using to manage your online presence also known as website.

update your content management system

Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. are popular CMSs, being used extensively due to ease and convince of functionality for everyone, be it a novice or an every day website owner. These content management systems are updated time to time, with some useful new functionality, or for a security fix, to make your work easier. Thus, next time you login to your WordPress or Joomla based site and you see a message on top of your dashboard telling you about “a new release is available,” then don’t delay! Go ahead and Update/Modernize, because it is important.

However, like every other change in life, the upgrade process in your CMS lets say wordpress, is going to affect files and folders included in main WordPress installation. This includes all core files used to run WordPress. Therefore, before updating, you should better:

  1. Check for the requirements needed for the update and if your web host supports those requirements, or not.
  2. Take a back up of your database.
  3. And Disable plug-ins that haven’t been updated to work with the latest version.

Now you are Ready To Update!

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