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There are 2 mostly used sitemaps. 1) XML Sitemap and 2) HTML Sitemap

1) XML Sitemap is used for the search engine bots which is hard to understand by the humans. It lists all the pages of the website and helps spiders in indexing and crawling the web pages easily. Click here to check the example of XML Sitemap.

2) First, what is HTML Sitemap? HTML Sitemap structures the website and lists all the pages. It also passes the link juice and is easy for humans read and understand. HTML Sitemap is generally used for the website visitors and it is the must have in every SEO campaign.

HTML Sitemap

It simply links all the pages of your website and arrange them in an easily so that visitors can easily find and access them. This is based on your website internal structure, usually it doesn’t contain external links that points out to your website. Check our HTML Sitemap here

HOT Tip: Don’t forget to add HTML Sitemap page in your link building campaign. The more quality links this page would have, the more link juice it can pass to other pages.

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