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Absolutely Unlimited Bandwidth sounds exhilarating, elating, and most of all an ideal deal you could ever find! But if this unlimited is really limitless?

When searching and comparing for a best web hosting service, the term UNLIMITED Bandwidth sounds music to ears, but it is very important for any website owner to be very vigilant while finding out different packages by any host provider and limitations of “unlimited” tag.

Unlimited bandwidth is one of the biggest marketing ploys since ‘unlimited e-mails’ used by web hosting companies to grasp attention and unfortunately many falls for it. You know that bandwidth is a commodity. The quality of that bandwidth, as well as the amount being provided; are both basic factors, needed to be considered while choosing ‘bandwidth provider’ to host your sites are both.

An average web page is 30-50K with an average of 50,000 – 70,000 pageviews per month. In Today’s world, the average gigabyte of bandwidth on a shared hosting plan ranges from $1.50 to $20.00 (depending on where you’re data center is located). If a “high bandwidth” site (i.e. 200 Gigs per month) were to sign up for an “Unlimited Bandwidth” plan, it would end up costing the web hosting company anywhere from $300.00 to $4000.00 to maintain these “high bandwidth” sites. This range far exceeds the average web hosting plan monthly fee (avg. is about $19.95). Apparently, that is not possible.

Ultimately, these high bandwidth websites running on unlimited bandwidth plans get disconnected without any prior notice and with no refunds, as the host conveniently declares the violation of Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service. In short, these plans are not really ‘unlimited’, but they’re throttled by the capacity of the box and the link to the Internet.

Bottom line, if you find a host providing ‘unlimited’ bandwidth then consider it as a warning sign instead of getting super excited as you may not be getting a straight deal. Also, whenever you visit a site promoting “Unlimited Bandwidth” as one of the account features, be sure to visit the Acceptable Use Policy, or the Terms of Service. Read the fine text about the so-called “Unlimited” disclaimer in order to know the LIMIATION OF UNLIMITED!

Change is an important part of life or else your life would become stale and boring. Modernization is a change towards betterment or according to Wikipedia, it is an evolutionary transition from a “pre-mordern” or traditional to modern or updated way of living. Thus, it is important to modernize (upgrade and update) yourself with the latest and same goes for your content management system, that you have been using to manage your online presence also known as website.

update your content management system

Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. are popular CMSs, being used extensively due to ease and convince of functionality for everyone, be it a novice or an every day website owner. These content management systems are updated time to time, with some useful new functionality, or for a security fix, to make your work easier. Thus, next time you login to your WordPress or Joomla based site and you see a message on top of your dashboard telling you about “a new release is available,” then don’t delay! Go ahead and Update/Modernize, because it is important.

However, like every other change in life, the upgrade process in your CMS lets say wordpress, is going to affect files and folders included in main WordPress installation. This includes all core files used to run WordPress. Therefore, before updating, you should better:

  1. Check for the requirements needed for the update and if your web host supports those requirements, or not.
  2. Take a back up of your database.
  3. And Disable plug-ins that haven’t been updated to work with the latest version.

Now you are Ready To Update!

Incase you can want some help or you are in a fix, you can always seek support of technical team at BMC hosting – the market leaders for WordPress hosting, Joomla and other popular CMSs.

Free TagFree is always a soothing term when it comes to shopping be it for clothing or while choosing a hosting company and so enterprises often exploit the meaning of this term while endorsing their product, giving a serious dent on their consumers pocket. Apparently that doesn’t mean every one is using FREE as a gimmick.

Talking about web hosting services, most providers use the word Free with bandwidth. It could be genuine in a few cases but it is typically a gimmick on a large criteria.

Bandwidth is an important factor that should be given a close look while choosing a web hosting company. Bandwidth determines the amount of traffic you can receive on your web site. It actually sets the limit for you and your visitors to upload or download data through your website.

So while choosing a web hosting company pay a keen attention on the amount of bandwidth and limitation. It is advisable to read TOCs carefully while choosing the unlimited free bandwidth as unlimited bandwidth might put you in grey area. In general opinion it is always better to go for a hosting that clearly outlines the limits and sets the bar where all can see it. Moreover, on initial levels it’s wise to choose a hosting provider that allows you a good number of visitors and can offer upgrade in a descent cost with increase in visitors.

Choosing a web hosting provider can be perplexing mostly when you have so many options and each of them is claiming to be the best. So how can you distinguish, who is claiming right about being best?

Ofcourse you can never judge a book by its cover and similar is the case with hosting services. However, one thing that can help you decide and pick the best web hosting service is to see how active is this hosting provider in answering queries of its clients and what technical support it provides when you need help.

A good web hosting company always gives preference to its clients and put their queries as first priority. Lyne an SEO expert describes good customer service in best words, she says:

“You need to spend time understanding their needs. You have to deliver what they want, you have to understand their priorities and make sure your service can address them. It is not a done deal – it is a beginning of a relationship. It is time for you to prove you are the right solution for their problem, you are the man for the job.”

In a nutshell, a hosting provider that is willing to help its clients at all times and actually follows what it claims about technical support is defiantly a good web hosting provider and can prove to be your best companion in establishing your web presence. So if a web hosting provider is facilitating you with hosting for all CMSs such as WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, etc, a good uptime and satisfying technical support then this hosting company that you are wiling to choose can probably be the best choice for you

not coming backDoes it ever occurred to you that you visited a shop in the middle of the day and it was closed when you were in a desperate need of something that has been commonly available in there. What did you feel like back then? Surely, it would not have been a good feeling and how about if you visited it a multiple times and you found it closed every time. Ofcourse you would never go back to such a place no matter how good their quality is or how low is their prices.

Similarly, no matter how well your website is designed or how good you rank in SERPs, it is of no use if a customer is trying to make a purchase and your website is down. You will not only lose the profit that visitor can give you but you will also lose a potential client, as he is not coming back any sooner…

Unlike typical shopping store, the best part about having a virtual store is that you can get most sales, as you are available to your customers 24/7 and so you can serve them as per their convenience. This results in long-term relation with your client. Thus, if you want to embrace good will and long-term relation with your client it is highly important that you (your website) is accessible at all time especially at peak hours of shopping.

Your choice of hosting decides how well you can serve your clients at all time. So while choosing a web hosting company checking the up-time they offer for any website is highly important. BMC Limited has been providing Web site construction, hosting and marketing. We support hosting for various CMSs including: WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, etc.

Blogging has become a fundamental for corporate companies and enterprises who consider online medium as their main source of marketing and increasing revenue.


Although it started as a means of putting personal thoughts online for others to read, however blogging with time has changed from collection of thoughts on personal level to paparazzi and now it has finally transformed into the ground rules of online marketing and getting conversion. Blogging has become a daily ritual for many brands and an incredible way to promote business and get traffic that ultimately converts into sales.


All this sounds perfect as far as your hosting server is working well. But what if your web-hosting server crash down due to mammoth amount of traffic coming on your website through your blog? This will apparently result in bad user experience throwing all your hard work in vain.


With good a SEO strategy, creative blogging techniques and smart social media for highly competitive and high traffic driven keywords, you surely can engage a superior amount of audience, but it would be of no use if the traffic overloads leads to a down server.


That is why it is very important to choose a hosting server package smartly for your business on a long-term basis. BMC hosting provides WordPress web-hosting, Joomla web hosting and even Drupal Web hosting service at a price you will get nowhere else.