In 2009, it is predicted that the social media and mobile web browsing will increase. But sadly most of the companies still don’t have their mobile website maybe they are not aware with the loss of not making website for mobiles!

Website design is generally used for computer browsers that are not compatible with mobile devices. The main reason of creating mobile website is, it is a small screen device and not able to download large data quickly and sometimes it doesn’t show the whole website. So it is better to have quick website for mobile devices.

Here are some must have to design mobile website.

  1. Do not use hard-coat styles, prefer CSS
  2. Avoid using tables, it makes the code messy and file heavy.
  3. It would be better to use XML or XHTML with UTF-8 character encoding
  4. Design web‘s compatible with different screen sizes
  5. Click target should be a minimum 30 – 40px in size and use whitespaces in between elements.
  6. It would be better for your business and lead generation to use the most important information on the top of the pages i.e. so that users don’t have to browse the whole website to find the required details.
  7. Avoid using plugins or extensions, most of the browsers don’t support it.
  8. Put the main services on the website. Try to have low weight website.
  9. Do not use heavy graphics or background images. Try to have low weight simple websites it will make the best user experience as well.
  10. Combine smaller images, icons into one file and use CSS file to position them on the page.
  11. Typing text is a difficult task on mobile devices so avoid using text fields in the form and try to have radio button and lists it will ease the user to fill-up the form.
  12. Forms should require minimum amount of data so that user can easily remember the data for the next time they visit the website. is the WordPress Web Hosting Company of Fort Collins, CO provides hosting different unique features with web hosting with affordable rates.