11 solid reasons why developers choose coldfusion

ColdFusion, one of the premier programming languages launched for making web application easy was originally the brainchild of Allaire. It was first introduced to the market in 1995 and subsequently went onto become an Adobe product, presently being sold as well as produced by Adobe. The web application development language today holds the credit of being in the market for the longest time. Well, it is to be noted that ColdFusion actually is two things rolled into one. It is not only a language, but also an application server.
The software makes use of the ColdFusion language commonly referred to as CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) for writing applications that will be running on that server. However, the programming language can also be integrated on the top of several other application servers, offering a simple and alternate scripting syntax specifically for high-end servers. The CFML language usually facilitates the creation of powerful applications easily as well as quickly.why developers choose ColdFusion
Some interesting facts on ColdFusion state it to be the top commercial application server as well as the second to ASP in published pages. The programming language is used in a range of applications that include e-commerce sites, dynamic websites, and portals. Data reporting applications along with Intranet hold a significant majority of applications of ColdFusion.
What Makes ColdFusion a Superior Choice against Other Web Application development Alternatives?
Here is a quick look at the reasons that make ColdFusion a top choice against all other programming languages along with applications existing in the market:
1. Rapid Development of Software and Applications – Well, ColdFusion holds the credit of producing best results in the shortest time without compromising on the efficiency as well as performance of the applications. It not only helps accelerating the pace of large development tasks, but also makes way for simple scripting tasks. Additionally, it also helps saving hundreds and thousands of dollars in respect to long-term development process.
2. Powerful and Able – The latest updates introduced by the software has made it possible to write the application in a way similar to Object-Oriented programming language making use of classes, methods, along with functions. Today, it also comes with a huge library of integrated services.
3. Supports Cross Platform Operation– The software provides a flexible hosting choice, which includes Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX.
4. Incorporation with Top Web Technologies – The web development language can effortlessly incorporate with the top web technologies of Adobe. It is considered as one of the most compatible and fastest development language when integrated with Adobe LiveCycle ES, Media Server, Flash, AIR, PDF, and Flex. Additionally, it also comes with many other integrated abilities that enable effortless association with the top Microsoft products like MSSQL, .Net platform, and MS office components.
5. High Performance –This particular characteristic stands as the biggest benefit of developing applications with ColdFusion. Once, configured properly, it supports rapid development of applications in less time and without compromising on the performance as well as efficiency of the same. The execution time is quite fast and sometime even gets better than several other web development languages existing in the market.
6. Debugging abilities – The application software also holds the finest debugging output in respect to troubleshooting. It extends immense help in the process with the support of the latest ColdFusion Builder.
7. Development Environments – Today, the programming language comes with its own Eclipse programming IDE tool known as ColdFusion Builder. This helps accelerating the process of application engineering making the entire procedure better.
8. Scalable and Robust – The web application development language not only helps developing applications for small businesses, but also for large enterprises.
9. Credibility – Well, when it comes to credibility, the development language holds to its credit some of the big names that have relied upon the same and received superior benefits.
10. Good Development Community – ColdFusion also holds to its credit of having a loyal development community that regularly hosts significant international conferences on the programming language as well as several related technologies.
11. Easy to Learn – The web application programming language is easy to learn. All you need to do is get hold of the programming principles and it will be a smooth sail henceforth.
Based on the above-mentioned explanations, it can be undeniably said that ColdFusion language has carved a good niche in the market. It is still being upgraded by Adobe regularly, as updated versions are being introduced to the web application development market at periodic intervals. Therefore, it can be easily stated that the web application programming language is doing very good in the particular domain and is expected to shine better in the years to come. The fact gets reconfirmed by the steadily increasing number of companies providing Coldfusion development services worldwide. 


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